Stories of success are often born out of necessity and heartache. In 2004, Heather was a successful financial advisor when her young son became ill and faced serious complications. She immediately dove into the world of healthcare, finding the best medical care ensuring her son’s medical costs were covered. Because of this, Heather has became a health insurance expert and enjoys her new passion for helping others with their coverage. During her research, she found that insurance policies and coverages were cumbersome and hard to understand. Sort of like reading stereo instructions. To fix that problem, Heather started Stone Insurance to educate and help others in a simple and easy to understand way.

It was her goal to cut through the industry lingo, simplify confusing insurance plans, and give people the right coverage while never overselling them. Heather’s efforts to make insurance simple and fun have worked. She has been recognized by insurance professionals and the media nationwide, receiving many awards as well being consulted as an industry expert.

In her spare time, Heather loves spending time with her family of 6 and can usually be found on a beautiful Florida beach or helping one of the many local charities.



Giving back is a fundamental practice at Stone Insurance. Whether it’s educating prison inmates about health insurance guidelines or showing the mental health and rehab communities the life-changing effects of having the right health insurance.

We strive to support those with special needs, mental illness, intellectual disabilities and recovery by employing and training two intellectually disadvantaged teenagers every 6 months. They learn simple clerical duties and enjoy the opportunity to gain new experiences. We are always accepting applications for these positions.

Each year the Stone Insurance team volunteers approximately 500(?) hours of employee time to help the following local charities:

  • SalusCare
  • Salvation Army
  • Florida Sled Hockey
  • Tops Soccer
  • Harry Chapin Food Bank
  • Cornerstone Ministries
  • Special Hero's
  • Annual Children's Mental Health Conference
  • Fort Myers Housing Authority
  • Charlotte County Housing Authority
  • Lee County Special Olympics
  • NAMI