The US health care system is a roller coast ride of guidelines, regulations and competing coverage providers. Costs continue to rise and government changes continue to alter the health insurance landscape. Agencies must continue to keep up-­to-­date on the constant changes so that they can offer offer cost-­effective benefit solutions for their employees. At the same time they also need to think about long-­term cost savings by addressing safe employee lifestyle choices and working practices. 

Stone Insurance specializes in consulting with employers to develop customized practices that offer competitive benefit plans, promote responsible living, and helps enrolled participates manage risk and reduce absence. Our clients include individuals, private businesses, and public organizations. 

Our team provides real solutions that lower the cost of individual or and group health insurance. We work with you to stabilize future costs while maintaining or even increasing the benefit levels your employees receive. We provide insurance solutions from a full range of carriers in either the traditional, defined contribution, partially self­-insured, fully self-­insured; or the new Federal/State Exchange Marketplace.

Our consulting services can help you:

  • Take advantage of cost savings and tax credits from the Affordable Care Act
  • Maintain or improve standards of benefits
  • Reduce and control health insurance costs
  • Train HR staff to communicate company insurance plans
  • Incorporate wellness programs to improve employee lifestyle