Life changing health concerns can happen at any time, and they can sometimes last a lifetime. Imagine being 47 years old and going to the doctors office because you began to feel sick. After many medical opinions, you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness that will affect you and your ability to work for the rest of your life. Although it’s difficult to imagine this happening to you, having a plan in place to limit the financial consequences of illness can save you from a lot of hardship. Heather Stone and her team in Southwest Florida can walk you through ways to protect you and your family from chronic and lifelong medical treatments. There’s nothing that will deplete your retirement savings faster than a chronic illness.

Here are some ways to financial plan for a situation like this.



When it comes to paying for college parents and students are faced with making some hard financial decisions. With the one-­year cost of college being anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000+ it’s nearly impossible for some families to afford college. Students have a hard time understanding affordability and parents feel guilty that they can’t pay for their student’s college. Here at Stone Insurance we help parents and students throughout the Southwest Florida area understand how much they can afford and how to make college affordable by positioning the student to receive merit based scholarships.



If you don’t have employer­-provided health insurance then make sure you purchase coverage that will take care of any unforeseen medical needs. The time to buy good affordable health insurance is before the need arises. It can be extremely difficult to get a plan after you need it.



A disability policy is income­replacement insurance. In other words, it does not help to pay for any kind of medical care, nursing home services or any particular expenses. Rather, disability insurance typically provides people with about 55 percent to 60 percent of their normal income when they cannot work because of an extended illness or injury.